it’s late.

so wow.. it’s been awhile. it’s currently 11:25, and i’m not supposed to be on the computer right now. but what the hey. i’m cool like that? yeah. well let’s see, i just got home today. and already i have had my phone taken away, computer privileges limited, and a trip to the vineyard with friends in jeopardy. weird, when i spell “jeopardy” i think to myself: geo-party, and for some reason that helps me remember how to spell it. anyway. so yeah. i guess i just have an attitude with my entire family. i don’t mean to. it just happens. but me and my mom talked it out. kindof. so now i may be getting my phone back, and the trip is back on, though it was never truly off. that’s the extent of my life. it’s a neverending cycle.

today, i rode my bike, or actually my brother’s bike, out in the rain. after this torrential storm. it was fun. and i didn’t get hot cause it was still drizzling and coldish. i liked it. i’ve started riding my bike more. it’s calming. i went out cause i was mad at my mom, and when i came back i wasn’t. i’m planning on doing it more often. hmm…

i have spent the past 5(ish) days in little compton, rhode island. it is a small town, probably population of like 2500. but it’s relatively fun. there’s really nice beaches and i love my three cousins who i stayed with. they are 13, 10, and 8. they are all completely blond so i end up sticking out like a sore thumb. which is fine i guess. but no one would ever guess that we’re related. it’s weird. it was somewhat boring, being there all week, mostly because they all sail and that’s what they were doing the majority of the time. but the oldest one skipped a few times to hang out with me. and there are a few nice kids down there. and of course the run-of-the-mill cliquey bitches. whatever. take the good with the bad. i can’t say i blame them though. i am personally in a group of the “fab four” and if some random cousin of a family i’m friends with was tagging along i can’t say it would be the most comfortable of situations. it was still fun though. awkward. but fun. so yeah. there was probably more to the trip, but i can’t remember right now. it’s almost midnight. oh, i managed to gain 5 lbs this week. i lost about 2 last week at crew camp, andd managed to gain it all back within 6 days. awesome. i’m going to the gym tomorrow. haha. fun.

enthralling current thoughts:   biking. independence. boys. healthiness. start of school.


it’s been awhile.

so, i have not done any blogging in a few days. weird. i haven’t even been on the computer for more than 5 minutes in like 2 days. i feel disconnected. and thanks tay. i picked out the picture on the header myself(: haha its cool i had it stored in my computer. um so everyone made random lists, so that’s what i’m gonna do..


  • i could not live without my friends: tess, tay, alex, and a few more.
  • i could not live without music, anythings fine really. i will listen to basically everything.
  • i hate when people change the song your listening to on your ipod because they happen to be there listening with you, and they do it without asking. like..its my ipod, my music. if you don’t like it get your own. or if you don’t like it, ask and i’ll probably say “sure you can change it” it’s common courtesy people. let’s think.
  • people annoy me. i’m an easily annoyed person and little things just kind of bug me, even if i don’t point them out. and i probably wont?
  • um i’m a flirt. and it’s really not a very good thing. i should stop. but it’s somewhat entertaining. and i don’t mean it, even if people think i do. i’ve got a boyfriendd, duhhh.
  • i need to learn to travel less in the summer. or else i never get to see anyone. and i hate it.
  • i’m always afraid that i’m being annoying to people. so if i am, i’m really sorry. i really don’t mean to be. i can’t help it.
  • tess, taylor, alex? i love you guys and i don’t honestly know what i would do without you all. i would have no friends, literally. like even though we say that when it’s not necessarily would be. haha i don’t think i could deal having anyone else as our friends.
  • i love writing letters. hahahah especially me and tay when we happen to be sitting next to each other…in silence…for hours? it’s easier to say things in letter form. i like it.
  • i really like this whole “blogging” thing.. it’s like letters. or a diary? although this is pretty much open for the world to see. so it needs to be somewhat censored. i guess?

okay. well there’s probably more. but i can’t really think of anything else right now. so enjoy this for now. ADIOS.


YAY!! i have four friends, not just three! i’m getting betterrr. hahahaha. ohh christopher lance montesi. how could i have forgetten you. it’s simply ridiculous. and don’t worry. i don’t dislike you.

for the entertainment of tay..mostly.

sooo i’m just going to summarize my entire day. because it was intense. hell. terrible. yet not.

well. ok soo i was woken up at 6:25 by my father who apparently doesn’t get the whole concept of “alarm clocks”, apparently they’re just a myth. so yeah. even though my mystical electronic device was set for 6:45, i was up and awake 20 minutes beforehand. which is just a wonderful way to start off the day, as you can probably imagine. and then i got up, got dressed, got my stuff and other morning activities. so then it was just about 6:55, and we had to be at bishop’s at 7. so me and my mom ran into the car and left for out car pool parking lot. and since it was so late, i had NO time for breakfast. of course.

so then we get to DERBY FREAKING CONNECTICUT. which, might i add, is in the middle of nowhere. NO. WHERE. so yeah. we get out, and have nooo idea where we are supposed to go. but it’s fine, because we’re in a huge group of about 7 girls and then 8 and then 3 guilford boys. so we were all lost together. it was fun. so beforeee we can actually participate in the rowing, we have to pass a swim test. not so bad, right? i mean its only 100 yards, and then treading water for 5 minutes. welllll maybe if it wasn’t 50 degrees out, and you aren’t wearing a bikini or swimming in some random lake that smells like pee or it isn’t pouring rain. then. no its not that bad. unfortunately it was freezing cold. and raining. and i was in a two piece. and yes, the lake smelled like pee. wonderful. so yeah. after thatt. we changed into warm, dry clothes. so that we could row for two hours in the pouring rain. good idea? no, not really. and of course i’m the only loner guilfordian who was not in the GHS boat. mine was made up of a bunchh of different kids, none of which seemed very eager to make my aquantance. maybe because our group is so abnoxious and intimidating. so yeah. then we had lunch. and waited an hour for an HOUR LONG LECTURE. about basically nothing. absolutely nothing. i’m pretty sure there were 5 kids sleeping. yeah. so then we changed yet again. and then went out to row for another two hours. sweett. it stopped raining, for about 10 minutes. which was heaven. then it started right back up again. cooll. not only was i cold, wet, and tired(we rowed like a 2 kilometer piece). but my hands were also killing me. i haven’t rowed in monthsss so the wetness combined with the spinning motion of feathering the oar resulted in painful blisters on my hands because they aren’t calloused anymore. yay.

but. despite all of this bitching and moaning? i thoroughly enjoyed the camp. it was interesting. even though i wasn’t in the guilford boat, and at the beginning i really truley wanted to be, i don’t at all anymore. i liked my boat. we were really really good. we rowed almost an entire 2k piece all 8. (taylor, that would mean all 8 people in the boat rowing all at once. just incase you were unaware. haha sorry.) and we didn’t completely fail. it was awesome. and it was super cool seeing how we progressed from our first 10 minutes out on the water to the last 20 strokes of that 2k. i loved it. anddd i got to meet the girls on my boat. and a feww of them are nice and i like having a random boat. and i wouldn’t have if i had been in the guilford group. simply because our group of 15 girls is one: not very approachable, two: LOUD, and three: not very tolerable. we’re actually pretty annoying. hhaha soo yeah. that about wraps up my crew camp experience. i’m excited for tomorrow. oh yeah, and i liked my coach. in the beginning i felt like he was singling me out and i wasn’t doing anything right. at all. but no. he was actually helping me and i definitely got what we were doing at the end. well anyway. i’m excited for tmrw. and for the rest of the week. and DEFINITELY for the race on saturday. i want to win. sorry alex. i really do. i hope we win. so yeah. BYE. iloveyoutaylor(:


i enjoy very much:    finding misplaced objects. discoveries. fun parents. long phone conversations. a good string of songs on shuffle. rob thomas. coldplay. nevershoutnever! music in general. musicals. singing. concerts. piano. food. new notebooks. blogging useless information for an hour(s). macbooks. knowledge. knowing the joke. quick responses to texts. heart-felt words. friends. few best friends. summer fun. hanging out. realness. imagination. creativity.  playing in the rain. crew. rowinggg in the rain. meeting people. being a “loser” because cool’s overrated. warm summers. snowy winters. discovering bands/songs/groups. sharing music. burning cds. handwritten tracklists. remembering things. nice people. funny people. relevant/appropriate reactions. life. happiness. love. beginnings.

not a good day.

i dislike very much:   people who misplace/throwout my personal belongings. awkward parents. not answering the phone. not being able to find a good song on shuffle. stale gum. boredom. katy perry. losing things. running out of paper. crappy computers. inexperience. being on “the outside” of an “inside joke”. not responding to texts. one-word responses. school. drama. work. summer work. fakeness. reality. “cool”. cold summers. hot winters. having no new music. not being able to get new music. forgetfulness. annoying people. people who believe they’re hilarious. when they’re not. meanness for no reason. untrue friends. death. sadness. endings.

today is yet another day.

so this is my second ever blog. exciting.

here i sit, in my room, on my very own crappy laptop. this is probably how i start every morning, pathetic as that is. i personally hate computers. i feel they make life more complicated and much much more stressful. yet, it’s difficult to think of life without one. we have grown so accustomed to the hassle of them that we have all accepted it and moved on. weird.

well, i haven’t even eaten breakfast yet. although, it’s almost noon and therefore my first meal could also be considered lunch. i have honestly eaten so much in the past few days that i’m contemplating just snacking for today. my stomach will probably remain full for the rest of the week. so yes, i have officially decided not to eat alot today.

i do not think i would be able to survive without my ipod. or computer. or the radio. or some form of music for me to access. even though i hate almost all of the top 100 songs. i listen to them anyway, just because they are something to listen to. silence is weird. it’s too loud. i will tolerate almost all music. except, of course, in the case of my father. just because i can. he listens to the dixie chicks..can you honestly blame me? i’m not saying they are an especially terrible group, but just the fact that my almost 50-year-old father chooses to blast them in his car. i can’t handle it. i think “shuffle” is one of my favorite aspects of ipods. it makes things so much easier because there’s no having to pick songs or what comes next. the ipod does it all for you. it’s convenient. simple. wonderful.

oh. so i have read my friends’ blogs and the fact that we all started these is pretty laughable. they are purely for our entertainment purposes only. although anyone who happens to read them, go right ahead. hahah tess: scott? he lost his girlfriend did he? well what a shame. for a minute i thought you were talking about a different boy. but let’s not go there. (figure it out). ok well. i have no other thoughts to convey. i shall see all of my friends tonight. i love you all(:

enthralling current thoughts: shuffle. misunderstandings. the hilarious past. long awaited get-togethers.

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