let yourself float upon the notion we can work it out.

make this last; be remembered; feel accomplished; finish what you started; try harder; succeed; do something worthwhile; do what you want; find a job; support yourself; get a license; illegally drive a friend; make a new friend; say what you mean; find new music; figure things out; think about the future; don’t forget about the present; stay true; don’t give in; read a new book; share your discoveries; be yourself; find solutions; feel loved; achieve your goals; be a good friend; appreciate what you have; go somewhere different; challenge yourself; be truly happy; go for a ride in the middle of the night; fall asleep in their arms; forget about expectations; don’t conform; keep things good; don’t let disappointments get you down; be stronger; watch the sun rise; watch the same sun set; go skinny dipping. again; take the first step; eat when you want; manage to stay healthy; live life like it’s your last day.

current thoughts: the new year. snow. a capella.


be my escape.

i want to travel into space and visit the stars. i want to be able to watch the earth turn as it looks from the moon. i want to know what moon sand actually feels like. what it’s like to be inside a giant crater. how it feels to know that you are the only living organism on a rock that is floating up in space. held there by nothing but gravity. i want to swim through space. pass the planets, one by one, until i reach the end of the milky way. then i’ll keep going until i find the end of the universe. or until i find signs of life on a distant planet, in a distant galaxy. i’ll befriend them all and tell them all about the pains of earth. but of the few experiences we have to offer as a planet. maybe they’ll be able to relate, maybe their planet won’t be perfect either. perhaps they have just as much suffering and evil as we do on our blue planet. but maybe they’ll be disgusted. that we would let our planet digress into the pit of destruction we call home. but, do they have the same emotional experiences that we do? would they be able to understand the word “love” and the drastic impression it has on us all? let’s build ourselves a spaceship and figure it all out.

current thoughts: boredom. bad writing. dispatch.

blackbird singing in the dead of night.

this post is long overdue.

i’m a mind wanderer. my thoughts go in and out of one another. twisting into something else. making new thoughts and bubbling up connections. whenever i go into a deep thought, i forget where i am. especially on carrides. it’s amazing. it’s like a trance where i can think just about anything i want. when i snap out of it, i like to think back to the road my mind just travelled. i find it interesting seeing how my thoughts shifted and changed until i finally got to my last thoughts. try it sometime.

today was the first day where i haven’t been bustling around trying to find time to finish what needed to be done. it feels incredible that i can go to bed at 10:00 pm tonight and not have to worry about the homework i didn’t get to that is due tomorrow. or the tests i didn’t study for. or the projects that weren’t worked on. the list is endless. a huge weight of stress and anxiousness has been released. tomorrow morning will be the first time i will have gotten more than 7 hours of sleep in two weeks. simply amazing.

current thoughts:  burned cds. guardian angels. teenage corruption.