although we have no obligation to stay alive.

things are getting harder. we are slowly being pushed out of that nest that we call home, and it won’t stop until we finally learn how to fly solo. we must become more and more independent. our parents are no longer going to be around calling the shots for. with age comes responsibility. and those include responsibilities to your family, your friends, and yourself. we have to all become our own person. in no time at all, we’re gonna be packin’ up our bags heading out for college. and after that? the big bad world. we know so little and have so much to learn. no one could tell where the next 6 years will take us.

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practice makes perfect. ha.

and now i’m in the favorites. dangit. we’ve clearly been friends for too long.

six classes together, it was bound to happen at some point.

what a joke that is.(hand):-O(hand)*rock back and forth* :tup: therefore.finally.firstly.secondly.thirdly. the universal sign for ending a hug is a nice pat on the back. *weird face while flipping someone off during a videochat*.notice the title. adtr shirt you still don’t have. “i like her bright pink pants and how they match her hairclip” “oh no..she caught me staring” “well this could get awkward….”. conversations on mutual hating of people. awful, embarrassing handshake. you and your new fave movie. facebook stalking. i love being one of your two friends. there’s a crapload more..but i can’t think of them all. i hope you’re satisfied.

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let’s make this moment a crime.

whatcha thinking uprooting yourself thinking you’ve got no place? things may change and you may be confused but don’t doubt what you know. those who swore to see you through ’til the end will keep their promise. just hold on tight and never let go. don’t think yourself isolated in a world where we are all searching for companions. socialization is the key to sanity.

8 months and still rollin’ right along. who would’a thunk it so?

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i’m the brand new addition to the old edition.

from birth we are all told to be ourselves. start our own path. don’t conform. be whoever,whatever we want to be. we aren’t supposed to copies the things we see going on around us. yes, we are supposed to be our own person. but, what if i want to admire someone else? is that a bad thing? does that make me a soulless morpher? in making yourself you take tidbits from the things you experience throughout your life. as i have heard many times: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. so if i do steal what you consider to be yours, don’t take it personally. i don’t want to steal your identity. i just need help finding mine.

i love you. more than i could ever show you. i just don’t know if i should have to prove it. i don’t want to have to do anything beyond my comfort zone. i want to be able to live in the precious moments forever and never let them slip away. i need to know that what we’ve got isn’t hanging on anything pointless. yeah, we all have expectations. no, i don’t think yours are too high. i’ve got a ragin’ ebb+flow between what i think and what i want. i don’t know what to do to resolve it.

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you take me the way i am.

thanks be to god for the lasting relationships we encounter in a life-time. who knows where we would be without the peace of mind knowing that there will always be that one friend ready to listen to all your problems. who will sit with you in a cool, downtown coffee shop for two and a half hours. sometimes things just are bound to change, but whatever remains is meant to be. the constants will endure the shifts until we are all six feet under.

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she was a daytripper.

i am so tired. and stressed. and overwhelmed.

i hate.hate.hate. midterms. ugh.

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fall to pieces.

there comes a point where a joke has gone on far too long.

and it is no longer funny.

not one bit.

that is all.

current thoughts: ugh. mid-year examination. runny time.

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