these memories fall to the ground

change is always nice.

stupid eye-burrowing virus. because of you i missed out on 4 feet of fresh powder. damnit.

you have no one to blame but yourself.

current thoughts: thai? new plans. fifth-wheeling.


i don’t wanna be like this

that was unexpected. control that short temper of yours. jeez.

i guess drama can be sprung from whatever situation’s at hand.

let’s go back to summer. or fast forward. i just want some real warmth. i wanna wear shorts and a tank top and go swimming everyday until my fingers are all pruney.  i’m cravin’ some sun.

current thoughts: hollywood undead. world war to cold war. intramural volleyball.

oh when you’re gone

i’ll be lost. forever.

friends;lovers;or nothing

anxiousness is unnerving. jittery tingles all throughout my fingers and toes. i can’t keep still for more than 30 seconds. i need something to occupy my mind. so this post is the outcome. it’s keeping me constantly moving, but only if i supply my fingers with words for a’typin’. we are going to travel hours to sit in an overcrowded room with sounds so loud our ears may ring for days. and we paid about $100 to do it. why? who knows. but god knows i’m freaking excited.

current thoughts: JOHN MAYER. life-saver hard candies. camera.

i hate everything about you

what the fucking fuck.

i can hear you heartbeat from a thousand miles

i just don’t know. i really don’t.

you’re confusing me now. you say and do one thing, but then you’re a completely different person in an instant. i don’t know which one is the real you. and i don’t really know if i want to know the true answer to that. because i could easily be disappointed. i don’t need to hear all the inner thoughts of your head. don’t tell me all the stupid things that race through your mind. do what you want, i can’t change who you are. only sometimes i wish i could.

current thoughts: did you know a pregnant goldfish is called a twit?

the truth is that i don’t really care

happy singles-awareness day.

current thoughts: bike riding. frizzy hair. dave matthews.

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