just keep breathing

well, seasons they must change.

all that you may have once known has shifted as well.

we are simply thrown into to this world.

we strive to make our mark,

to make ourselves known in this lifetime.

we think of the future

of what we are destined to become.

few are simply able

to live in the moment and cherish

that which they have been given

here. now.


we sing, we dance, we steal things

don’t give up until you’ve tried. and tried and tried again. because at some point you’ll reach that goal.  sounds cliché, but it’s quite true. yes, we all get discouraged. and no, we aren’t all good at everything. that’s just unreasonable. we all have flaws and we all could improve.

now, ’tis the question on my mind:

are we all individuals? or are we simply products of our environments, in which case we are all the same, and by being unique we are also conforming to a mass movement of change?


like a wavin’ flag

’tis the season to get a job. i need to hop to it.

so spring has indeed sprung. they be predicting some 60 degree weather this weekend.

it shalt be the last weekend away from home. i miss my life as a guilfordian.

current thoughts: lame rap music. shorts. lecturas y vocabulario.

back to this 8 mile road

give me some fucking freedom. i’m not a baby anymore. you continue to make things worse. i hate you and everything you stand for. i’ve completely lost all respect for you because you have none for me. and there’s really no turning back now.

these little wonders

don’t even ask about that one.

up to the land of the frigid! i shall return in but 2 days. enjoy your time off from capt.

current thoughts: saabs. permitees. nail polish remover.

now the sun is sinking low

Who are we?
In a world where being original
Is conforming to the thought
That we are all unique;
Yet in the same exact ways.

my muscles ache. for they are filled with lactic acid.

current thoughts: b.s.-ing. inverse function. el horario del futuro.

it’s all a blur last night

i miss all of you. i really do.

t-minus 20 days. and counting. woo!

apples are delicious. gala, of course.

i should be running..

current thoughts: string cheese. five gum. team pokémon.