what’s golden

oh how i shall miss it.

who would have thought that ten straight hours of work,
five straight days a week,
would be that much fun?
nothing can beat group five.
but maybe the feeling of satisfaction
when you make a family cry tears of joy
because they now have a master bedroom to sleep in.


the future is anything but sure.

reach far into your mind and provide an answer
to any question you encounter.
and when all else fails:

hug the cat.

the tinkling of coins.
the shimmer of metal.
and when counted
adds to quite a hefty sum.

current thoughts: ten-i-see. small bag requirements. farsighted vision.

smile like you mean it

1. i’m copying you
2. all i did today was play pokémon and read
3. fahrenheit 451 is one of the better books i’ve read lately
4. i hope our society never comes to the point where reading is illegal
5. cretaceous cuatro owns jurassic 5
6. i love shorts and tanktops
7. i miss summer more than anything
8. i’m not motivated enough to get myself a job
9. i died an egg to look like a pokeball this morning
10. i text way too much
11. i am very impatient
12. my friend ratio of guys to girls is very uneven
13. i don’t know how to comfort you
14. i’m not looking forward to school tomorrow
15. i cannot say i have no regrets
16. i wish i knew how to solve a rubik’s cube
17. i hate overly cleanliness
18. i have everything i need and more
19. the future scares me
20. i’m glad to have found something real so early
21. i hate disappointing people
22. i’m one of the most indecisive people you will ever encounter
23. coffee disgusts me
24. so does eating, but i do it anyway
25. i wish i was tanner
26. there’s only 1 month and 21 days until a full year
27. i hate remembering how i was when i was younger
28. i am embarrassed by my 7th grade self
29. i like being weird and crazy
30. i don’t need anything illegal to enjoy myself and i’m proud of it
31. i like who i have become
32. i wish i could know where i’ll be in 10 years
33. i want to be married by my mid-twenties
34. i want to have at least one child by late twenties
35. i procrastinate
36. i have OCD about my nails
37. i like to think i’m getting skinnier than last spring/summer
38. i wish you made voices more than anything else
39. chapstick is amazing
40. i’m running out of random facts
41. i feel guilty because i didn’t go to church on easter
42. i’m not sure if i fully believe in God yet
43. it annoys me when people try to push their religion on you
44. we are no longer “the squad” like we used to be
45. i  miss it
46. i need to go put a load of laundry in
47. i want to do something worth remembering
48. i get jealous easily
49. i’m stubborn as hell
50. little things can annoy me. alot

that poor bird

he sees a man in front of him.

he yells and shouts and waves his fists.

the other mocks him.

he tells him to leave, but the other will not budge.

he threatens the man, but he remains there.

he is furious, he punches the man right in the jaw.

blinding, inexplicable pain rushes through his fist, his arm, his body, his mind.

and the mirror shatters to pieces.

his hand is a mess of red as he is forced to walk away.

keep on goin’

she takes her first steps through the tunnel.

she does not know where she is headed

but she knows how it will end.

she cannot look back

or stray from the path set in front of her.

there are no turns in this tunnel

only straight ahead.

she just must keep going.

if she stops she will be caught

by the beast she feels behind her.

her feet fall one after the other.

they form a constant rhythm

to the beating of her resilient heart.

one-two. one-two. one-two.

her steps echo around her

throughout the giant abyss that seems neverending.

she has to keep going.

she has to reach the end of the tunnel.

she must outrun the monster.

she feels its presence closer

and closer until she feels warm breath on her neck.

her pace quickens. her heart pounds.

she is running through the darkness

searching for any sign of light.

and then she is falling.

but before she reaches the ground

she wakes up.

in her warm bed, in her heated home,

with her lovely family sleeping all around her.

she is right where she should be.

and that is where she will stay.

a critical hit!

that’s a difficult scenario. can i do anything?

current thoughts: pinky promises. disappointments. pokémon.