f*** a duck

i guess i’m going to vermont. damnit.


in my place

my skin is leaking and my breath is filled with the water vapor in the air.

i hope for a cool breeze and perhaps a slight drop in the temperature.

it is much too hot.


i agree. the slang definition of gay should be changed.

you are one of the best things that has happened to me in this high school experience and i do hope it can last forever. i don’t know what i would do to deal with losing you.

i can’t deal with you right now. i have so much i need to do. so much i haven’t even started thinking about. do you think i have time for you as added stress into my life? no. if you aren’t going to be a real friend to me, why should i bother with you? don’t go talking shit about me behind my back and expect me not to get upset about it. that’s just not fair.

current thoughts: gay–>wonderful. underclassmen awards. tuesdays with morrie.

i see my name in shining lights

my book of face is deactivated until who-knows-when. i want to see how long i can go without it. so far it has been not even 24 hours.

what are we all doing here? what are we living for? money? cars? a nice house?

i would like to think we’re all searching for something better than that.

i want my uke. it would entertain me more than facebook.

flying horses

shall i buy the same-ish uke for $39? only not brightly colored?

or a better one of the same company reviewed as 5 out of 5 stars for $47?

sorry if i’m stealing your image. i need something to occupy me this summer. i get bored easily.

still breathing

yes..love when plans fail. so much fun.

fuck it.

i could use a wish right now

this coming season if going to be fun. i think it’s time for a change in scenery, it’s exactly what i’ve been looking for.
hopefully, all of this can last. i’m trying not to think of what happens when it all ends. but of course, at some point everything ends.
for now, let’s live it out while we can, we have a whole summer ahead of us.

you have turned out to be less than i had hoped.
the excitement and mystery has somewhat disappeared.
current thoughts: sherlock holmes. eminem. licenses.

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