i’m going through the same exact thing. i hate essays due before school starts. who the hell instituted that?


i wanna go home

yeah..the actual actions of us trying to fix this are about 0. jobs..you love them and hate them. all at the same time.

hey kid. i wanna know what’s going on with you. but you won’t tell me. i’m not going to push, but when you feel ready can you explain it to me? maybe? i hate to see you like this.

oh sweet freedom.

cry me a river

well that was both unexpected and mean. swhatevs.

ha..third post today. i clearly have a lot of things going on.

i love: michael buble. maroon 5. jason mraz. lupe.

the hangover

it’s like: numbness. dreaming within reality. so tired you want to sleep forever. you do what you want without caring. everything’s fuzzy and feels like it’s spinning around you 100 miles a minute. nothing seems real. the entire night is lumped together. i can make out points, but can’t give you any details. i don’t remember the conversations i held last night. from the poker table forward i was not okay. it’s scary. i didn’t like it at all. but i guess it was good for me because now i know my limit and my comfort zone. i know when i need to stop. i almost started freaking out when i got home because it felt like it would never end. i couldn’t sleep because when i shut my eyes i felt like i was falling off a merry-go-round. i didn’t throw up. and i didn’t get caught. sam’s dad didn’t even notice. so now i’m fine and we can move on. i just thought i’d tell someone how it felt.


i gots me a job. i called and it’s basically official. it’ll be fun i hope. i might die with the amount of things i need to do. i need to write an essay today. i need to finish that chapter of ap bio today. i have about 14 hours to do so. but i probably won’t finish it all. i’m a procrastinator if i ever saw one.

back at your door

i didn’t mean to make you cry. i thought i was being realistic. i couldn’t ever picture my life without you, well i could, but i’d be miserable. but please don’t make promises to me that you can’t keep. it would make it that much worse if you broke it. 6, 7, maybe 8 more years? bring it. then we’ll be walking down the aisle, ok? i love you.

who made you king of anything

so i miss you. a lot. tomorrow you come home and i couldn’t be happier. even though it was kindof miserable being lonely, i think it was good for us. we talked about some serious stuff. got some things cleared up. and now we can’t wait to see each other. it’s goo we don’t see each other every day. i would probably get sick of you, sorry. even though you’ll probably never read this. and i’m fine with that.

now let’s be realistic. we’ll probably be done by the end of high school. if not, most likely college will be our final demise. but maybe, hopefully, it won’t be. i would like nothing more than to grow up. get married. buy a house. get a puppy. have some kids. and live the rest of my life with you.

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