so the copying continues


  • a good cry
  • putting the word “fucking” in between a word, i.e. compliFUCKINGcated
  • when things are simple
  • feeling accomplished
  • when we used to be best friends and pretend we were high listening to music, even though neither of us would ever think of touching pot
  • when i was understood by my mom
  • when i didn’t feel like i was letting my family down
  • having my mom feel bad and comfort me, even if it’s only this one time
  • when we used to be the squad, instead of pretending
  • having people actually listen to what i’m saying
  • when we used to just lie on the couch and ACTUALLY watch movies
  • having more than one day off a week
  • feeling accomplished when i worked harder second quarter and got high honors
  • knowing that i had plenty of time left until college
  • that day we rode our bikes all around creation and didn’t care that we couldn’t drive
  • haha when we hung out with marco and dante and it wasn’t awkward at all
  • not feeling stressed about school
  • knowing someone truly cares about me
  • knowing who a person really is, and being there for them when they need you
  • boyz and their silly quirks
  • having money, just so that i can feel independent, i’m not going all materialistic here guys
  • feeling like you made a difference, and you don’t have to be a selfish, spoiled kid from high-class society, connecticut

peace yo.


death, thou shalt die

this summer has been an interesting one. i’m almost ready to start school back up again. fall into a routine, see some new faces. and yet..the work is already killing me. and we’ve still got a few more days.

leave me alone you creep. i clearly don’t like you. ugh.

la costa verde

my foot is inflated and purple. i thinks i brokeded it. damn.

that was one of the most incredible weeks/experiences of my life.

i missed you.

i missed all of you too. family is fun, but only for so long.

last week of so of summer. let’s do it up.

new dropdown menu bars!

it’s like last year. we were a unit. g-unit. ha. we were so close. it’s unreal. i wish we could just live in those moments forever. they were great.

i don’t care about the 9 major terrestrial biomes and their characteristic plants and animals. plegh.

ecology and the geography of life

i’m bored. i’m pretty good at poker though, i came out $2.50 richer. yay.

ap bio will most likely be the death of me. i can’t even wait.

i want some thai food. some egg rolls and fried rice. mmm,mmm good.