cindy wallace has successfully avoided my question of selling oaxaca t-shirts in cilantro for the past two days….sweeeet. who even does that? just tell me straight up no..don’t avoid me. GROW UP PEOPLE.

all my letters are done, well..except one, but it will be finished by tonight. and i’ll send them tomorrow. and thenn i’ll be rollin’ in the cash babi. yeah i just said that. har.

school has overwhelmed my head because we have not had it in so long. good thing we’re gonna have another 3 snowdays! haha so much for april vacation.

urmurm i love you. andddd yeah.


OH. BTW. 88 on math. not too bad, but nothing exciting. meh. that’s how i felt.


can you say oaxaca?

i am just so dang good at procrastinating it’s incredible. i have not raised a single fund toward my trip full of mission to oaxaca. my mission is failing. my intentions are good though! right?! yeah.

i wanna know what i got on my math midterm. that is probably the only thing i care about in school right now. well..we haven’t had classes in about 2 weeks. so i guess oh well!

i wish i was really good at snowboarding. mer. my goggle tan went away, so that’s really good. yeah! ok bye.


I’m happy. Weird..

no, there ain’t no rest for duh wicked

good day. good night. content in midterm grades so far. snow is falling=no school tomorrow if they want the bus-riding children to survive. i feel good. as happy as i could be right now. now i just need to go to the gym and i’ll be perfectly fine. yay.

haha i feel like such an idiot in a lax pinnie. probs cause i don’t play lacrosse..not even close. they’re just so dang comfortable. ya dig? don’t knock it ’til you try it i suppose. whatever.

american idol has become a sham. it’s disappointing i used to dream of partaking in the 8th grade. ew.

i wish they had a blog viewer. so you could see who the heck is viewing your blog. i’m curious. mer. and i’m not just saying that to brag, but i actually just thought like 3 people knew this existed. who the heck is stalking so hard core? TELL ME. LKAJSDF;LAKJSDF;L.

i’m on the pursuit of happiness

har….i’ve spent the past 2 hours doodling on my computer with sharpie instead of studying for ap bio. damn.

i hate studying. i’m so bad at it.

i’m happy with my midterm grades as of now. still holding my breath for math, though. if i get a 90 or above i will probably pee my pants i’ll be so happy. not really. but i might cry. that would make my year ok.

92 on english

i’m so happy. yayay. school is getting better. i understood math for the first time. except the trig identities. but oh well. i hope i did well. or else i’ll probably just cry. a little…

i’m going to the gym tomorrow. yay. i feel fat. i hate feeling fat. ew.

i have a growing collection of coke bottles in my room. the nice glass/aluminum ones. the christmas edition! yeah!

maybe i’ll study for spanish..probably not. mer.

your hand in mine- explosions in the sky. LISTEN.

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