i’ll be bulletproof

i like that song a lot. it’s fun to sing.

i need to find a stupid prom dress. i don’t think i’m tall enough for the one i like though. it would ruin the effect.

i hate crew. but i don’t. but i do. i hate the drama. i hate the dumb workouts. i hate (some of) the people. i hate working my ass off for seat 1. i hate that no one outside of the team, and even sometimes on the team takes it seriously. i hate that all of the seniors that are graduating are going to make up a large portion of the weight of our team. i hate that our coaches suck. i hate that it takes over my life. i hate that i had to quit my job. i hate that i like it. cause then i would have no problem quitting. but i love it. that feeling? of rowing a 1500 at a steady 32 with no crabs, everyone pulling as much water as they can? best feeling in the world. that feeling freshman year when we almost won, and everyone rowed their fucking life out. probably the most happy i’ve ever been during crew season. cause it was the first time we’d ever raced. and it was absolutely fantastic. it’s like flying.


f*ckin’ perfect

I’m gonna miss this so much..

once upon a time..

he used to say tell me that all the time..

and now look what happened.

stuck in reverse

i’m a grade-A procrastinator, i’m tellin’ ya.


i miss it

i like acting like a 4-year-old. it never gets boring. i like causing scenes in public places, even when people get a tad bit annoyed. i like hanging out with my friends who completely love me for who i am. i love feeling like i belong. but then again..who doesn’t?

volvo v70 xc tomorrow babi. i’m so spoiled.

poop soup

I don’t wanna go home..it’s so boring. You’re not there. There’s no snow. I like doing absolutely nothing while listening to the sounds of zombies being slain and pool balls being hit. I like the feeling of spring sun on my mask-less face. I absolutely love feeling like I’m flying. Like I’m unstoppable. Like there’s no better feeling in the world. And then we have to go home. And do essays due tomorrow. And go to college meetings. And babysit. And get vaccinated. And that sensation of euphoria shatters to bits all within a 2 1/2 ride..


car. 2002 volvo xc. i’m really spoiled and yes i know it. don’t worry.

i love you. loveloveloveloveloveee you. :D

my boss hates me…cause i’m kindof quitting until the summer..but other people do it. so she really needs to just calm down. jeez.

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