volleyball suqz. oh well. we only have…a few games left (i don’t know how many) and then we probably won’t have to worry about finals. weeeee! i’m so done with it all. i don’t have enough time. not enough hours in the day for everything i have to do. poop. the quarter closes on friday. I DON’T WANT IT TO CLOSE ON FRIDAY. I’M NOT READY. homestretch of school here we come. ugh.


sharpie accent highlighter

my prom dress came the other day. it’s interesting. it looks ok. meheehh.

the mission trip is in 19 DAYS. that’s only a little more than two weeks. i’m so freaking excited.

i dislike school. greatly. ugh. i hate sunday night. i’m procrastinating. bye.


well tonight was interesting to say the least. it’s weird when parents get sick. they’re supposed to be superheroes. invincible. they’re supposed to know everything. never do anything wrong. it’s weird to talk to my mom about how she can’t see out of one of her eyes. meh.

i wanna go see rango tomorrow. apparently it was entertaining. you can always count on johnny depp right?

i visited colleges this weekend: lafayette, lehigh, villanova. i did not like lafayette. i liked lehigh a lot, but the dorms were kindof sucky. and the campus was entirely on a mountain, which could get really freaking annoying. and greek life is like 50% of undergrads, which is just too much for me. i liked villanova. the campus is absolutely gorgeous, AND they have a separate chemical engineering building, which is freaking awesome. as far as affiliation with the catholic church goes? i’m still on the fence. i don’t know. i need to go back there for a tour, get to see some real students. i would absolutely love the sports though. i like watching football/basketball. especially if i have a team to root for. this is all coming up so fast. make time go slowerrrr.

well that was really disappointing. and i’m really over-competitive. and i can’t help it. and yeah. i’m frustrated.

and i’m anxious for the bio final. i don’t remember anything.

WEEEEEEEE. 10-6. we’re still in this. TAWS FO LIFE.

hey poop?

i love you. so much. more than you could ever imagine. you’re my boyfriend, dad, uncle, grandfather, husband, and my loser bud. but most of all you’re my bestfriend. you have been since the day i totally proved you wrong at 2012 (c’mon, let’s be honest). i don’t know what i’d do without you. thank you for my penguin <3

chasing pavements

i love getting blogs about me. that made me tear up a little bit.. couldn’t tell you why. we really have managed to withstand the tests of the public school systems, huh? i can’t believe we’ve known each other since we were what… 8? 9? who would’ve ever guessed we would grow into who we are now. i don’t think the 3rd grade self would even recognize me. i don’t know if the 3rd grade me would recognize you either. so weird.

i can’t wait for summer. it snowed today. it was 75 degrees and sunny on friday. and it snowed. what the heck nature? make up your mind.

yo kids. we’re playing illuminati wednesday. get ready to fucking kick some ass. hahah but seriously…we’re winning. end of story.

i was born this way

things i’m freaking excited for:

  1. MISSION TRIP- 27 days
  2. END OF SCHOOL- 3 months, 4 days
  3. OAXACA, MEXICO- 3 months, 5 days
  4. WINDELLS- i don’t even know..some number of months/days? whoops.

and every other little something fun in between (i.e. relay for life, states, prom). this year as a whole is going to be one of the best. by far. i have so much going on, and even though it feels like i might die at times, it’s totally worth it. oh, another something i cannot wait for? being done with freaking standardized testing (ACT/SAT). just one less thing i’m going to need to worry about. SWEET. i cannot wait for this summer. it’s already almost end of april. we’re almost done. and then we can all drive and hangout and relax and just breathe. what could be better? and i love all my friends. cause we’re juniors. going to be seniors. by this time, you’ve pretty much figured out who you are and who you wanna be associated with. and you really don’t have to worry about anyone else. because everyone has someone they are truly friend with. and there’s no more stupid having to pretend you are bestfriends with someone when you hate them. we aren’t in 7th grade anymore. we’re almost out of this town. we might as well make the most of it while we’re here. right?

on a sadder note: this was our legitimate last weekend of snowboarding. that’s so depressing. sososo very depressing. i don’t think i’ve ever been this sad about the season ending than i was earlier today. it was so much fun. every weekend. every wednesday i’d have something to get me through the week, because i knew i’d be heading to vt come friday. it didn’t matter what homework you had, what grade you got on a bio test, or what stupid drama was going on at home. it’s like another world entirely. no real responsibilities. no problems. nothing but friends and snow. and food. lots of food. and now it’s over?? how is that even possible..i still distinctly remember the first weekend of the season. thanksgiving. there were 2 trails open. canyon lift and the discovery chair were running. that seems so long ago, but at the same time it feels like yesterday. so much has gone on since then. so much has changed. it’s incredible. cause the end of ski season marks that final stretch of the school year. and the spring is busy as hell. so it just goes by that much faster. and then we have about a month or two of summer this year. then fall. and then we do it all back over again. the difference? we’re all gonna be applying to college. fucking college? and then we’re going to be getting accepted (hopefully) to our top choices. and a year from now, when the ski season is ending and the school year is winding down to an end, everything will be different once again. and after next summer we aren’t coming back. we’re leaving. and then what? no more seeing the same kids we’ve known since kindergarten every morning at 7. no more having 6 structured periods every day. no more living with our families? no more seeing my brother everyday.. no more hanging out in the parking lot after school. no more hanging out in general really… no more ice cream runs after intramural volleyball. no more vermont weekends with all our friends. why are we growing up again?

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