beaten by 5 seconds tops

yeah we flipped a boat today. first one ever in GHS crew history. woohoo! it was hilarious. and unexpected. and a real bonding all nine of us swam around like drowning puppies, wondering what in the hey to do. but now i’m finally home. after being wet and uncomfortable for hours. i’m warm and changed. and unshowered but that can wait until the morning.

so much too do. not enough time to get it all done. ya know? ugh. why is everyone assigning work this week? and tons of it? i can’t deal. i need to sleep. but i can’t. i need to study for SAT’s. but i can’t. MAHMAHMAH ALL THIS STRESS IS MAKING ME BREAKOUT. THE WEEK OF PROM. POOOOOPY.


pathways to the present

i pretty much did no homework tonight. oh well. onto tomorrow. i’m too tired.

lala it’s warm/sunny/sooo very nice out lately. i couldn’t be happier. it’s so much more fun to dress nice in the spring. yayay.

poop on math. and spanish. whatevs. the quarter just started.

THIS WEEK IS SO BUSY. BUSYBUSY. tomorrow i have a race. then thursday i have practice/a soundcheck/setup for prom/the showcase. friday i have practice/setup for prom/not hanging out with anyone all night. saturday is prom/preprom/postprom. wow i cannot wait for this thing to be over and done with. weeee! and then i have bundles of homework! beayah!

i need to meditate. listen to music. do SOMETHING to relax and calm myself. mehhehheh.

new season. time for a new theme. ya dig? today was sooo nice. i got so much done. and i feel relaxed and rejuvenated. that was the first time i’ve slept in a real bed since last thursday night. and it wasn’t even mine. what is this?

relay for life. we are so freaking behind. it’s not even funny. dangit. i have so much going on in my life still..i forgot about that. poopy.

you da best

such a great week. friends. bad food. 9 hours of manual labor. uncomfortable sleeping areas. gross showers. door-less bathrooms. but wait? wide, rolling pastures. beautiful farms. smiling people. feeling accomplished. cows. more cows. MINI HORSES. barbecues. tears. getting it all done. and then we hung out alllll night. one of the best weeks of this year so far. definitely. and now i’m skipping school. returning to reality. remembering all the shit i need to do before i go back tomorrow. before april finally comes to an end. before we only have two months until we’re SENIORS. what?? yeah..that’s right. seniors. my how time flysssss.

can i sail through the changin ocean tides?

MISSMISSMISSION TRIP TOMORROW. I HAVE SO MUCH FOOD AND CANDY AND I BOUGHT NEW HEADPHONES AND ERRTHANG. AHHHH!!!!! i’m soo sososooo excited. mostly to leave school for an ENTIRE week. and get to work outside. and be free of stupid drama. and problems. (except for well…….yeah we just won’t go there) but YYAAYAYYYYYAYAYY. i’m so happy. i loved the mission trip last year. it was incredible. and hopefully this one will be just as freaking good. hopefully.

then we come back and its busy busy busy. race (27); showcase (28); prom (30); SAT II/wiff concert (5/7). and then its MAY. and we only have like 2 months left of school. weeeeee!!

shower time! yeah!

oh i love crew. during races. when you’re 2 boat lengths ahead of your opponent. and you’re set perfectly. and everyone’s fucking pulling their heart out. and you win. no better feeling of dying than after a race. nothing in the world.

focus on learning in a rigorous academic learning community

i love you. and you make me happy. and you make me smile. and you make me happy.

i’m going to see the show tomorrow! either with a poop or alone.. whichever will suffice. i really really really really wanna see it. i heard it’s great. good job guys.

uh it’s sad they ripped out boat apart today cause of us missing-lings who are going away during break. but i’m not extremely worried because will said “i hate to have to rip this boat apart” somewhat implying it’s not forever. and ryan said you can completely feel when people get tired. unlike our normal boat. where we’re all pulling cause we know we have to. no matter what. love the burn babi.

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