i need to brush my teeth

blahblah this weekend was fun indeed. it was a tiny glimpse into the summer. it’s like the opposite of labor day, which is that weekend right after school starts that reminds you of how much you miss the summer and how much you hate school. no. memorial day is yes, this is what’s ahead in less than a freaking month. ugh. i cannotttttt wait. at all. merher.



lovemeloveme! ahhhh i have no motivation to do anything school-related. poopy.


No car for the rest of the week. Yay. Love my mom..she’s so reasonable.


your shirt smells like you: nice, clean, showered.

i have watched about 2 hours of glee today. yay for active-ness. ugh. i’m just soo tired. it’s 8:30 and i’m freaking ready for bed. mehmehmeh. 20 days and we’re done. that’s itt. less than that really, cause of finals and graduation. i cannot wait to be done with this school year. it’s been absurd.

i’m too tired to write anything interesting. sorry.

i am tired.


i love you.

goodnight internet.

it’s okay

i don’t need flowers silly child. but that made me smile. in a sad kindof way, cause you sounded very frustrated.

watching the senior goodbye part of the concert tonight made me really sad. that’s going to be us in a year. planning our escapes from this suburban town-some of us never to return. that’s insane. think of everything we’re leaving behind? can you even imagine actually living without your parents? it’s difficult for me to even fathom that. but honestly. there are about 250 kids in our grade. out of that 250 we’ll probably end up keeping in contact with maybe 10 at best. the rest will unnoticeably drift off into their own lives. after college? we’ll probably keep talking to 5 of the people we spent over 12 years with. and then? who even knows. we live in such a sheltered, contained environment. it’s scary thinking about leaving.

bishop’s applesauce is delicioussss

i should be doing homework..instead of eating. oops!

blahh i don’t wanna have a concert tonight. and a NHS induction tomorrow night. and a dumb college counselor meeting thursday afternoon. but wait. THEN WE GO TO VERMONT. weeeee! i’m so excited. even though the skiing is most likely going to suck.. it doesn’t even matter. blah only a month until school is finally over. i cannot freaking wait.

i wish you could come to my concert poopy.. but it’s ok. there’s always next year! sometimes during concerts i like to pretend i’m singing to specific people. and somehow they know i’m singing to them. am i weird?

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