but why?

i like: friends; summer; long hair; trampolines; swimming; tan skin; being happy; getting along; conversations about nothing in particular; not texting; seeing you; holding hands; the bachelorette; facebook; legally driving; running; parties; freedom; unemployment; snowinthesummer; airports; clear skin; freshly painted nails; stuffed animals; showers; water; brownie sundaes; twitter; cooking; little siblings; edits; new music; girls’ nights; ryan gosling; being loved; understanding; dumb jokes; new clothes; clean rooms; the POOPS

dislike: arguments; confusion; groundings; sadness; crying; friends leaving guilford; summer basketball; drama; 3 AM wakeups; endings; cynicism; emptiness; therapists; low gas lights; when you’re unhappy; insomnia; feeling fat; miscommunications; grudges; facebook and twitter; cellphones; boredom



2 FREAKING MORE DAYS. GALSKDJF;ASJDFA;KSLDJF. yay. i wanna go snowboarding. oh so very badly. i miss snow. and it just snowed last week at hood. weeeee!

the art of FLIGHT trailer is insane. i love travis rice. he’s so freaking awesome. and crazy. and yeah.

you weren’t mean poopy. i didn’t think the messages were bad. oops?


it is 11:19 pm

i feel very disconnected from my friends. like all my girl friends..and the friends i had before school got out. it saddens me.. i haven’t seen them since wednesday. poop.

i don’t get tired anymore until midnight or later. what is wrong with me? and then i get up at 8. and i can’t even help it. and come school time i’m going to be screwed..ugh. poop on school. one more year babi. lezzgoo

i’m so bad at gauging where i stand for colleges. soosooso bad. blah. poop. oh well.

love editing

today was an ok day. not especially eventful, but not bad either. i feel like this summer is slowly slipping away. and that i should definitely have finished more of my AP Chem summer work. oops. i still have a month after we get back. and i’ll actually get it done, and prep myself for the hell that will ensue come the first week of september. soo excited.

i just need to get away. windells. t-4 days and definitely freaking counting. my god it can’t come fast enough. i should probably start packing at some point, huh?


fighting is one of the most unnecessary things. i feel. there are so many dumb, insignificant things that could be forgotten and done with. and a conflict could easily be avoided about 85% of the time. but usually that does not happen. and thus a struggle ensues. bullshit.

on the other hand arguing is a way to release emotions and opinions, and can be integrated in one’s life as a healthy part of mental functionality. if someone constantly bottles up all their internal problems..one day they will explode. or they won’t, but that conflict just resides in a person as resentment or unhappiness. and who wants that. am i right? there has to be a balance. you can’t go off on someone for no valid reason, but you need to get mad sometimes. or else you’re about as lively as a talking rock. and no one wants that.

crew captains are bullshit. always have been. always will be. end of story.


are so much fun. and i love all of them with the entirety of my heart fibers.

last night was great. such a wonderful, random mix of people. and i was a tad obnoxious and out of control. but it was enjoyable. even though i have 2 freaking welts on my stomach from polish..damn you robbie. overall it was a success of a night i would say. yay for things working out alright. beayah! <- that will never, ever get old. not in a million years.

iCan’t sleep

i had a nightmare. twice. poop you subconscious.

i was reading ally’s blog this morning, cause there was honestly nothing else to do.. and i’ve come to the conclusion that the saddest thing in the world is to be alone. you could honestly have all the money in the world, a beautiful house, a nice car, and whatever else your heart desires. but what is it all worth if that house you return to every day is empty? that money is never spent on anyone but yourself? and you always drive alone? i think the only thing that gets be through about 95% of my life is the fact that i have friends that love me and care about me and would sit down and listen to me babble on about nothing for 3 hours. there is no greater relief in the world than sitting with your best friend and crying your problems away. as weird as that sounds it’s true. it’s in our nature to want to be surrounded by those who love us. we constantly search for that feeling of compassion and companionship. even in relationships, if he or she isn’t your best friend, you’re missing out. because honestly, friendship goes so much farther than any other type of relationship. except maybe parental, but that’s an entirely different story.. so i shall leave you with a quote from one of my favorite books of all time.

“the most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and let it come in” -Tuesdays With Morrie

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