meepmeep no electricity…gotta love it. i can’t even believe we start school in a week. blegh.

love as we know it. love it.



new top listing for reckless things i’ve done: pierce my own ear. let’s go.


i hate her i hate her i hate her i hate her. hatehatehatehatehate. i don’t care how fucking awful that sounds. even with all of the great things i have in my life. like our house, a beautiful room, a laptop, blackberry, a car that’s basically mine. i get so much of what i ask for in material objects. regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that no matter what i do. no matter how hard i try we will never get along. i couldn’t tell you why, and at this point i don’t give a shit. because it only matters for one more year. technically 4. but then i’ll be a graduated chemical engineer, i can make up to $80,000 a year. and that’s fucking more than enough to secure my freedom from her.


dear god i cannot wait to get out of this town. honestly the best moment of my life will be when my parents finish dropping me off and drive away for good. there cannot be any better feeling in the world. of course i shall miss my lovely brother and even my sister, cause even though she’s a total brat sometimes, so was i. and she has her highpoints. and my dad and his awkward humor which will never embarrass me in front of my friends as i meet them for the first time. and for a solid 4-ish months, until i return to g-town during winter break will i ever have to answer to my mother again. people say we’re similar and that’s why we get along, but i would say it’s more because i am so obviously adopted and we don’t eye to eye on anything whatsoever. and as soon as they leave i am free to do whatever i want whenever i want. and i will not allow myself to go power crazy blahblah and stop doing work or whatever. because ya’ll know me.. and i could never live with myself if i did that. duh. but no more explaining where i am. or who i’m with. or when i’ll be back, tucked away safe and sound in my room. and i won’t be forced to skip work..having to tell my boss 2 days before i’m scheduled in that “oh..i’m sorry..but my mother is a bitch and i have to drive to maine with my parents because my mom doesn’t want me staying home with my brother. oh i should’ve told you 3 weeks ago? oh, but you don’t understand. this is LAURIE. WEBB. rules don’t apply for her. silly goose” that should go over quite well..i think. don’t you? and when i don’t want to talk about being suicidal. which i am NOT. i won’t get yelled at for having a shitty attitude and being both unresponsive and disrespectful. my oh my.. college is looking better by the second. wouldn’t you agree?

honestly.. you can take away my car. my phone. my computer. my ipod. you can give away my dog. but i’m sorry that i can’t see how that would help my supposed depression or bad attitude. someone help me out here?


so very sad that summer is finally winding down to it’s end.. can’t even believe it. i wishwishwish we had more time. just add one more week. bleh. school. it puts a sour taste in my mouth.

i am dramatic about feeling left out. sorrrrrrrrry


arm braces, arguments, and running. my legs burn. my elbow’s sore. and i just don’t care anymore. one more year babi. let’s freaking go.

where oh where

did this dang summer go? 12 more days and counting. then it’s back to the monotonous, stressful routine for one last 180 days. and then we’re free. free to meet new people. live in new places. try new things. be whoever in the world we want to be. no more answering to parents, or dealing with dumb suburban-town drama. college looking this weekend has made me so excited because it finally all seems so real. a year from now we’ll all be heading our separate ways, and even though the idea of leaving my friends behind is sad, the truth is that any meaningful relationship you make in your life will survive. we’ve come to a point where the friends we have are who we truly feel at home with, and no amount of time or miles could change that. i love my friends, i don’t know what i would do without them.

meep. i have to get a dumb arm brace tomorrow. dumb-ness… blegh.

i have missed my friends so sososo very much. i don’t know how i went so long without them, they’re honestly the only thing that keeps me sane in this world.

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