was an interesting movie. i thought it was quite nicely done, though the vaccination part was a little unrealistic..but whatever. i still liked it. it made me want to wash my hands and never touch another doorknob ever..

sometimes i wear your shirt to bed. cause it makes me feel safe. and it smells like you. like abercrombie. and rainwater. and home.

i mish my bestfriend.. cause i couldn’t see her. and tomorrow i have work until 4:30 or so. bleep. i should be working on my college essays. whoops.

goodnight moon.


all natural snapple

i am tired. meep. college has me stressin’ hard core. oh well. it’ll all be done with soon enough. right?

i love revival by soulsavers. it’s so nice and relaxed and yar.

i am not going to get accepted to brown. or carnegie mellon. oh well.

i am boring today. sorry you lovely readers.


guilford beat foran! wee! the game was mucho fun. i love dem soccah kidz. i love our friends. our 3rd lunch is the best ever. we’re so much fun. and weird and quirky. and lovable. even though we might start berry fights, and bring chairs outside. oops. i’m so excited to be in this senior class. every single teacher in GHS loves us, they really do. because even our “bad eggs” are good seeds deep down. and we’re just soooo fun. yay us. this year is going to be great.

i want the iphone 5. or i’ll just get the iphone 4 once the iphone 5 comes out, cause it shall be much cheaper. beayah!

caroline is not depressed today. score.


keeps looking at “bleh”? it’s on my stats at least once a a week.

my life is pretty dang uninteresting. i hang out with friends. go to football games. you know.

i feel so overwhelmed..even though school seems easier. and i don’t even have that incredibly much going on anymore. i just am bored with life. and when i get bored i get depressed. and when i get depressed i get anxious;annoyed;obnoxious. so sorry friends. i don’t want to be this awful person no one wants to be around. really i don’t.

i love you. and i’m going to make you a card so you can experience how fun and special it makes you feel. cause no matter what may have happened before, you’re here now. and now is what’s important.

new drop down bar

i don’t know if i like it. new facebook too. definitely don’t like that. i miss the really old facebook. from like freshman year. when we used to make graffiti for each other and we had bumper stickers, which you updated almost every day to make sure they were the cool ones. aw..those were the good old days. am i right? what is this timeline bullcrap? i don’t want people to be able to see everything i’ve done since i first got a facebook..pshaw.

i am so disappointed. it makes me not even want to sing. bleh. solos are stupid. i hate them. they are stupid. and i hate them.

i like when we talk about random things (i.e. tonight) for hours. it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside harhar. yeah. it’s always so nice, though. i love pointless conversations that never end. until you fall asleep. and then poof! they’re over. oops.


i really wanted that solo. second year in voices. i’m a senior. never have i had a solo in chorus. not once. this is bullshit.


i am currently printing out my resume to hand to my teacher for recommendations which i will send to ten colleges which they will add to my other application items from which they will deem me either worthy or unworthy to attend their university. poopy. it’s all getting far too real. and i don’t like it. not one bit.

slow down time. i can’t handle all this shit right now. ya dig?

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