I love you.


When we finally kiss goodnight

Bleh. That’s how I feel. Just bleh.

I want a christmas present that shows me you know who I am and what I like. I want to feel loved and feel like thought was put into every part of my gift. I could give two shits about how much it costs..and I’d prefer it cost less. I would be completely fine if you made me a card with a sappy note inside. Money doesn’t make a gift any more special to me. I honestly and sincerely mean annoying as it sounds. I want to be surprised. And I want to feel like I didn’t tell you what to buy me..what’s the fun in that?

i’m failing two classes. good, right?

i need to finish my superlative and whatever else sheets. blegh.

i feel sick. if i got pneumonia i’ll be so upset.


i have been left with no motivation/hope/happiness left in me. now i can’t even focus on chem. or calculus. poop on this.

all i wanna do is go snowboarding. fuck feeling left out/unimportant/second-thought. i really don’t care. and don’t try and say i never said this all out loud. i did. if you didn’t hear it means you really don’t listen.

my knee hurts. my face hurts. my heart is sore. my brain is tired and i have to work until midnight tomorrow. i love my life.


i hate group projects in level one english. hate them.

Perfect words that you said

Gah it’s almost over. Almost. Only another month and were home free. Gah. I cannot wait.

I feel fat. Probably because I haven gone to the gym since Thursday. Bleh. And I’m just kindof bloated. Ugh. I wanna go snowboarding. I don’t wanna work 3 days in a row. I do not.


i don’t say “i’m so dumb” for attention. even though it sounds like i do. i am so honestly scared to death of being rejected. and failing. and not being good enough according to some random asshole’s standards because i don’t test well enough. or i don’t do all my homework all the time. and i know my top choice’s a reach for me. everyone knows. oh well. crying is good for you. right?

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