Fuck with my friends. Especially my best friend in the whole world.



happy happy joy joy i love christmas yes i do.

and i love all my friends. and i don’t know whatd i’d do without them. meh


And just like that your world is turned upside down. Life is so delicate. We all take it for granted, being in the prime of our years. The time where we can do anything with little consequence. Yet it’s moments like these that bring us back down to reality again. Show us how fragile and easily lost a life is. Though I can’t even begin to imagine the pain you must be experiencing, you will be in my thoughts. Stay strong, even though I know how difficult this must be.


I’m three for four right now folks.



never will i allow myself to gain the infamous “freshman 15.” i hardly recognized a returning guilfordian because they had gained so much weight in their college escapades. greatest fear #1. so what if i’m shallow. i will not allow myself to be fat.

I love eating dinner in my car by myself in a Saturday night. My life=the dream babi

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