did you know?

there are over 5,000 tigers privately owned in the united states??

i hate school. second semester HERE. I. COME. so very close. only 2 more exams to go, and i’m officially done. weeee!

most likely i’m going to end up going to northeastern next year. and i have no problem with that. i loved it when i visited there, and i thoroughly enjoyed boston. it was sick. even though my camera was stolen..that was not cool.

i think i’m going to buy an antique typewriter. yeah, like one of those manual ones that you have to install a ribbon in and it has those cool rounded keys. if i can get one for a reasonably cheap price, it’s mine fosho.

beep beep that’s my life in a nutshell. no school. buying random shit i really don’t need at all.



i have not blogged in quite a long while. i’ve been so busy there is so much going on.

i am so drained of everything. school; crappy friends; testing; studying; working; being yelled at; lack of time; me procrastinating and making everything worse

i have lost all motivation. and i don’t even care. i’m most likely going to northeastern. who knows if i’ll get into brown. most likely not..

If you never flew

I know it’s dumb and selfish and stupid of me to feel this way but I can’t help it. I’m needy. I need attention. I need to feel loved. I need to the reassurance that I’m important to someone. Or else I crash and burn. I shut down and I can’t function. It sucks.

And I know I’m complaining for no reason because there are so many worse things that could happen. I just can’t help it. I feel empty, ya know?

theyre predicting the first snow of the season! and mt snow is only expected to get an inch or two. the world is unfair.


My new years resolution has been to lose 7 pounds by February and I’ve subconsciously wanted to become more fashionable. I bought the knee-high riding boots today. Wee. Now I just need some clothes right?!


That was fun. And relaxing and we finally saw some goddamn snow. Oh how I’ve missed it. This winter is a joke. I hate it a little bit


I did so much homework today. I feel so accomplished. It’s been almost..6 hours.

10 months. And still happy. Wee!

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