I wish

I could’ve gone to brown. Oops..oh well.

I need friends like a plant needs water.


happy for the f…

happy for the first time in a very long time. genuinely happy. TAKE A PICTURE CAROLINE IT WILL LAST LONGER.

U2 is a sick band. gotta love the classics. right?



Boys are stupid.

My hands hurt. My heart hurts. My head hurts.

That’s it..I quit…I’m moving on.

Bleh. If you don’t want to make an effort, that’s fine. But don’t expect me to wait around killing myself because you’re angry.

If I were any more depressed I dont think I’d be here to go to school tomorrow. Fuck all of this..

Am I all alone here?

Tears tears tears.

And more tears. I’m trying so hard.

When will it get easier?

I love you, just like I promised I always would. I miss you. I really really do.

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