I’ve loved and I’ve lost

trampolining is fun. I missed it. I’m promising myself to get all my tricks back over the summer. then I’ll lose them all in college. woo!

everything is s…

everything is stupid.

do you remember that night we sat at the docks in your truck for hours? and it was perfect. and we just talked for hours. and i loved you. and i miss you. and goodbye


if only you knew

how I felt. If only I had the nerve to lay everything out for you. and tell you. but I don’t. so I probably won’t. and you’ll never know for sure.

I’ll be okay eventually. I know that.

Fuck. I was doing so goddamn well. sorry I swear..it’s unattractive I know. I’m already unattractive enough. I don’t even care anymore.

I never really heard of cluster flies

I don’t know what to with myself. I am so bored all the time. sitting in my house. ugh. I don’t even have schoolwork to occupy my brain anymore. oops…seniors 2012? hell yes.

I need to find some good new music.

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