and just when i…

and just when i think i’m ok a fucking hammer comes down and drives me right back into the ground. sick right? 

i got my nails done today. and the woman doing them asked me what nationality i am. and when i told her i was adopted from korea she said i was “a lucky one.” yes, i am. i know that. it made me feel interestingly hearing that from someone.



having shitty friends sucks. an finding out those who you THOUGHT were good friends aren’t…sucks even more. if you’re extremely confused by this it’s probably not about you.

get me the fuckk out of here

tragic flaw in the democratic system is that many times candidates are elected for all the wrong reasons.

my hears are ringing. someone must be talking about me

I am tired. my legs are again full of lactic acid.


going from loving one person with all of your heart to having no one there at all is hard. I dont know if it ever really goes away..those feelings. movies and things like that make the sentiments come back. my friends are oblivious sometimes about what they should say and what they shouldn’t. all of them are going away without me. but it doesn’t stop them from talking about the big plans in front of me. it makes me wonder about true allegiance. I know friendship shouldn’t work like that..but sometimes it does

I wish it had been warm today. it would have been perfect. single guys can be extremely creepy and unattractive.

I want everyone NOT to be in needham

I am ok. I am ok. every so often I have to remind myself of this…we get out of school in 3 weeks. boston here I come babyy

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