i’m not as good at making friends as i might have thought. oops. i’m trying to be outgoing…so that’s good. right?


Hahaaaaaa wow I’m not gonna miss
my moms condescending shit at allllll. So glad to be getting the fuck out of this house.

lonely boy

i’m currently loading all of my music and files onto an external hard drive. it’s a huge pain in the ass. that’s for sure.

i ate too much today. eating is a coping mechanism, right? maybe caroline. or maybe you just like food.

i miss you.ther…

i miss you.

there’s nothing to do in guilford. just like there’s never been. ugh.

new friends. new home. kindof intimidating. but i’m ready to branch out


crashin’ a ris…

crashin’ a rising sophomore house party. let’s goooo. kidding.. it’s just muzzy and her antics.

i hope i wish i pray that everyone is enjoying their time. 



you take what is yours, and i’ll take mine

the UCONN crew is one of the groups i’m going to miss most for sure. i had to say goodbye to some really great friends last night. and that sucked. i’ll see you guys in a month+ 

and now i have a week left in this forsaken town. and i couldn’t be more ready to effing go. 

yeah. i’m gonna be bored for a while

I love actually getting to know people. And being more than just friends on the surface that hang out sometimes. Familiarizing myself with a side of a person you normally don’t see is what I live for. People can surprise you.

It’s 2:53 AM. Why am I awake?

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