i bought the most ridiculous jacket today at the garment district. it’s hilarious.

i should wear it over my wolf shirt next weekend for optimal ridiculous-ness.

I’M SO EXCITED TO SEE ALL MY FRIENDS. today, one of my friends matt told alex and me that the drama from our high school sounds like a bad MTV show. yes. yes it does-we’re aware. and it SUCKS.

but it doesn’t matter anymore. yeah


don’t break character

i really really love the killers. and mumford & sons. lupe’s alright I GUESS.

i forgot to get butter for my rice. damnit.

exercising gives me endorphins. weeee

peanut butter and banana

a delicious and nutritious breakfast


we’ve been in school for over a month now. how strange is that? it’s weird in my opinion. mid terms are next week.. so that should be pretty interesting. but really i like it here a lot. i’m glad i decided on northeastern.

I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU. and everyone. and be home. alone? in my house.


The universe has spoken and decided once and for all I am not to be in a sorority. So there

I’m bored.

hey so

honest tea’s “honey green tea” tastes like dirty bath water. that’s what’s up

i’m going to be productive today-laundry. grocery shopping, homework.

recruitment starts tonight and i think i’m going out for it. i’m most likely NOT going to join sorority, but recruitment is supposed to be fun. so yay. meeting people is good for me.

breathe in. breathe out. that’s all there is

i’d forgotten

what a relationship is like. they’re hard. they require a lot of effort-consistent genuine effort. that’s the commitment in committed relationship, right? i mean, i guess.

i effing love torrents and listening to new albums. i also want to buy at least one-maybe babel. so i can have it forever and legally. my dumb phone is going to die

it’s thursday and i’m going to be sober. WOW. just kidding guys. just kidding.

i’m excited to go back home for a weekend. i just don’t know how i’m going to get from new haven to guilford. poopy.

whaddaya think?

of the new theme guys, i like it. i like balloons they are calming

fall is one of my favorite seasons, obviously taking a back seat to winter..but the feeling of crispness in the air is amazing. the thought of apple picking-making apple pies. drinking cider. the special cone of pumpkin ice cream. it’s the small town autumn that’s lost in a city like this. i miss it

i love soccer. i forgot what organized sports felt like. go jason mraz! (yes, that’s our team name)

thank you. i missed/needed that

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