in my haste to start and go and finish the day, i think i forgot to brush my teeth. oopsies

this weekend should be FUN. and if it’s not….well then fuck it. i’m leaving this stress-filled dorm room for at least a night


so much to do. so much to do. so much to do. i feel like i’m constantly running running running around. and i never know where to start.


anthony green

saw him tonight. he was awesome. he’s quite talented. and he played like 10 songs. should’ve been doing homework…but oh well

i have so much to do i don’t even know where to start. sa;lkdfja;sdlifj

let’s get down to business

^that could be so many songs

spent so much time today doing random things..yeah that’s probably every day. i drew a lot. and i did a bunch of homework. not even a bunch…i worked on one assignment for about three hours. making fake floor plans for a fake house for a very real, very daunting assignment

I BOUGHT MY TICKET FOR BONNAROO. i’m officially fucking going. hell yes. $260+ later, i am a happy caroline. speaking of which, i spend way too much money on god only knows what. who? i don’t know. ok bye cyberweb. time to study for chemistry

Felling pretty fucking stressed…poop

i knew you were trouble

judge me but i love that song. it’s a fantastic driving song to sing along to

i wish you were closer to me, a three hour bus ride is too long. much much too long

i’m extremely impressed with people sometimes

finals are two weeks from now, so not excited for that

i am happy. i seem happier a larger majority of the time. good. 

i have not written

i have not written in some time now, i have been busy

it was so very very nice getting to see all of my old friends last night. it was a happy and reminiscent bonfire

I CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEKEND. YEAH. i miss the vermont crew, the original drama-free group of kids i could always count on. things have changed significantly, but that’s life. 

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