could not be more happy to be in my room and going to sleep soon. so tired

and tomorrow i go to my favorite place on earth. these next few days are going to be grrrreat

my nails are painted. i’m doubly happy

i love you



sometimes i get lonely. then i tell myself it’s ok to be by myself and i should enjoy alone time. i do my best and i guess that’s good enough.

merrrrry christmas

i hope everyone is happy this christmas day. so close to being one of our first white christmases in a while.

i love giving out presents and stuffs.

i got everything i could have ever wanted. weeha. so thankful for the things i receive every year. thankful to be part of this family, even when it’s kinda rough. thankful for every good and seemingly bad thing in my life. 

Christmas work is over!

Yayayay! I am about $300 richer and almost done. 2 more days of work for the entire rest of the year (heeha)

Sarah is going on medication. Poor girl.

My mom and I played hookey for church this year. Oops. Sorry!

Um yeah

I do not want to work. That’s for sure

Blehblehblehbleh. I wish money was nonexistent.

Snowboarding with one of my best friends is the greatest. Even when it’s rainy, cold, windy, you name it. No where else I’d rather be


Im so bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Vermont is boring without all of my friends. Even some of my friends. One of my friends? Bleh

How I met your mother is a great show. That’s all I know

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