she’s on fire

my body aches in a good sort of way. the way of my body telling me “good job caroline. there’s some muscle in here”

doing calculus. i have to. i am completely discouraged to. but what are you gonna do. 


excited to see you

excited to see my brother


i wish i didn’t have to go home for some a morbid reason.


limousine is definitely one of my favorite songs. definitely



i’d fly to a lake and sit in someone else’s canoe

i was good about homework this week for the most part. that is good. i am happy with my time management

i had such a good workout today. today was good mostly. yes.

there are some very nice people here. i am thankful for them

let’s make believe

There is a part of me that loves being by myself. Sitting with my own thoughts and doing what I want to do

There is another part of me that loves to be loved. Wants to be constantly around people that care about me and just sit with them and be happy

The balance is necessary. I know

I am conflicted about many things. And such is life I suppose

Can’t sleep

Brewing over worrying thoughts. I don’t know what to do here

My mind races, while my eyes burn with the sting of exhaustion. My head spins with the thoughts of the day that is too-quickly approaching

And all I want to do is go outside and watch the sunrise. But no, it’s too cold.

chobani and raspberry preserves

there was a smudge of mold inside the jam jar, but i simply wiped it away and ate it anyway. oops.


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