ran 32 minutes today. i’ll take it. had a shitty food morning then a healthy dinner. oh well

cleaned my room like crazy man



My alarm went off at 6:40 and I went back to sleep. Oopsies

Goal for tomorrow: get up at 6:30 and run. I need to run.

places i would like to eat before i leave here:

1. Sorellina

  • in copley square-right NEAR northeastern
  • they have a complimentary car service-if that is swanky i don’t know what is
  • cocktail dresses and button down shirts/jackets. i <3 dressing up
  • food looks interesting. they have gnocchi, though. like yes

Hamersley’s Bistro

  • ALSO right near campus-tremont
  • menu looks delicious
  • also a nice restaurant. guys, i just wanna go somewhere nice where i can dress up and not look stupid. right?


  • I’d say you’d have to be 21+ for this one. wine-oriented restaurant that pairs all the entrees with the right types of wines. interesting.

okay that’s it. probably top of the hub. cause, like…ya gotta.

it’s bedtime everyone


i’m like too paranoid to believe the lady at health services. she told i was having an allergic reaction. to what? like what? uh. yeah.

clean room starting tomorrow. all clothes in plastic bags? idk


just finished my physics homework. ugh. took nearly 3 hours. stupid physics.




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