Maybe “another one bites the dust” should just be the theme song of my life


Spiral spiral spiral and down the pipes

Running is good. I just don’t have time right now. Maybe tomorrow after work. But it will be so hot. Maybe Sunday before work. Yes. That sounds better.

So during my nap my dreams consisted of 1) owning battery powered fans (current bonnaroo worry) 2) Lenny’s 3) the bakery and not knowing what size cake to sell someone who was serving 11 people. So ya’ll can see my life in a nutshell

the whole “you’re friends with them, but that

the whole “you’re friends with them, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get invited to hang out with them” thing is getting weirder. it’s a very strange phenomenon that seems to be sweeping the group. oh well. i’ll always have food. and books. right? cause that doesn’t make me sound like a loser..


current strifes: spent $250 on a new ipod classicspend

current strifes: 

spent $250 on a new ipod classic

spend $15 on a new watch for running

spent $0 on a shitty watch i stole for daily use

spending 3 hours syncing music onto aforementioned ipod


i’m kindof freaking out because there’s really nothing

i’m kindof freaking out because there’s really nothing for me to organize because i don’t know one of the kids we’re going with the and the other two live in separate cities. damnit. i wish sadie and her car were here. then i could organize everything and have been done two weeks ago. poop 


clueless is a fantastic movie always

yeah my communication is bad.

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