i’m really nervous about living with two strangers and one girl i barely even know. what the heck. what the heck. i want to talk to you about this and have you analyze these girls with me via facebook stalking, but i can’t. because i can’t. and it makes me sad again. and again. and again. goddamnit.



for who ever’s left


for sure feeling those ab workouts. 



guys ignore me when i say i’m fat i’m just a baby

there is a possibility i can get out of work tonight and i’m so happyyyy


true life i’m fat and i can’t stop eating

work today was absolute shit. damnit.

i just want to be at school and eat cookies. hahaha yeah.

bleep bleep bloop other than work today was nice. hot, but nice.


scary thoughts, scary thoughts indeed. it will be interesting to see how the guilford couples withstand the test of time. or if really.


i’m just mad. 


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